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Your emotional portfolio - the best guide to retirement

27 February 2015

guide to retirement

Fisher Funds shares how positively visualising your retirement can help you better prepare for the retirement lifestyle you want.


Borrowing to invest is twice as risky

25 February 2015

reading economic forecasts ff2

Despite recent headlines, borrowing to buy shares doesn't make sense for all investors. Fisher Funds discusses why.


Changing media habits challenging SKY TV and investors

24 February 2015

Frank Jasper

Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper chats with Larry Williams about how the changing way people consuming media is starting to impact companies like Sky TV. Frank discusses the options SKY TV has to defend itself and how investors can position themselves in the changing media environment.


How to read economic forecasts correctly

20 February 2015

reading economic forecasts

Economic forecasts are useful but are an imperfect science. Fisher Funds looks at why economic forecasts can vary so much and how we should critique them.


A new Greek euro-crisis ... but it will all work out

18 February 2015

greek debt crisis

Greece's economic plight is in the spotlight again as it seeks to refinance its debt. Fisher Funds discusses implications for the Euro zone and markets.


The devil is in the detail. More to economic data releases than the headline...

17 February 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

There’s more to a story than just the headline and the raft of economic data releases we’ve had this year are testament to that. Carmel Fisher shares some examples of recent economic data where the key analysis from business journalists and commentators blatantly ignore the really important messages that we should be reading.


Kicking the tyres - first hand investment research

13 February 2015

investment research

There's no better way to conduct fundamental investment analysis than visiting companies and their competitors. Fisher Funds discusses the merits of this hands on approach.


Crowdfunding evolving fast, but it's not for everyone

11 February 2015

crowd funding

Crowdfunding is the latest craze for raising money so as always you should do your due diligence before investing. Fisher Funds looks at the evolution & pitfalls of crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding giving young companies a leg up

10 February 2015

Crowdfunding has become the latest craze for raising money not only in New Zealand but around the world. While there is significant upside for companies in being able to obtain financing that may otherwise not be possible, there are many downsides for potential investors. Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown examines these downsides and what investors need to consider.


Money talk - making sense of financial jargon

6 February 2015

financial jargon

Financial jargon can alienate many people. Fisher Funds looks at some common phrases that have the potential to be misinterpreted or are counterintuitive.


Reasons to be optimistic about markets in 2015

4 February 2015

market optimism 2015

There are plenty of reasons that 2015 could turn out better than expected. Fisher Funds looks at the reasons to be optimistic.


The wondrous world of a mortgage where the bank pays you

3 February 2015

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager, David McLeish, discusses what led to the introduction of negative mortgage rates in Denmark and what it is hoping they will achieve.